All the Cheshire roads impacted by Tour of Britain as county hosts Stage 5 of the gruelling race

Tour of Britain cyclists will soon be winding their way through Cheshire.

The county will host Stage 5 of the race on Thursday (September 9), and features top international riders such as Mark Cavendish and Wout van Aert.

Stage 5 will start from Alderley Park biotech campus and finish at Warrington’s Victorian Golden Gates, with the riders covering 152km in total.

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The race will lead to some road closures for a short amount of time as the race passes through. This is in a bid to minimise the dangers posed to the athletes and the communities along the route.

According to the race organisers, a ‘rolling road closure system’ will be in place during the race with the hope of minimising disruption to the local community.

An explanation of how the road closure works is outlined on the Tour of Britain website.

It states: “The rolling road closure entails closing roads along the Tour of Britain route, and junctions with access roads to the route, ahead of when the race is expected to pass and while the race moves through.

“The length of closure of the rolling road block depends upon how spread the riders are. Typically, the lead motorcycle instigating the closure is 15 minutes ahead of the lead rider.

“The closure then remains in place until all riders and race cars have passed through.

“There will be police cars as well as National Escort Group (NEG) motorbikes that will work to safely hold traffic and restart traffic before and after the race moves through areas of a town, city or village.

“The rolling road closure works like a moving bubble: the race is at the centre and the police escort, safety and support cars, ahead and behind the bubble help keep it moving forward, while minimising the amount of disruption to the public and traffic.”

Take a look below at the Stage 5 timetable and the roads that could be impacted by the rolling road closure system.

The list is based on riders travelling at around 42kph, which is the predicted base speed by organisers of the event.

However, a slightly slower and faster timetable is also provided on the Tour of Britain website to help spectators plan their visit.

The times outlined below are when riders will be expected to enter a given road or section of the race.

Tour of Britain Stage 5 timetable:

  • Alderley Park: 11.30am
  • A34 Congleton Road: 11.45am
  • Siddington: 11.45am
  • B5392 Salters Lane: 11.49am
  • Lower Withington: 11.51am
  • A535: 11.57am
  • Twemlow Green: 12pm
  • A535 Chelford Road: 12pm
  • Holmes Chapel: 12.02pm
  • A535 Macclesfield Road: 12.03pm
  • A50 London Road: 12.05pm
  • Brereton: 12.06pm
  • Brereton Green: 12.09pm
  • Arclid: 12.12pm
  • A50 Newcastle Road: 12.13pm
  • Church Lane: 12.17pm
  • Smallwood: 12.17pm
  • A34 Newcastle Road: 12.23pm
  • Peel Lane: 12.23pm
  • Leek Road: 12.29pm
  • Mossley: 12.30pm
  • Reades Lane: 12.30pm
  • Under Rainow Road: 12.32pm
  • Blacky Bank: 12.32pm
  • Pegley Lane: 12.35pm
  • Middle Lane: 12.37pm
  • A54 Buxton Road: 12.38pm
  • Congleton: 12.42pm
  • A54: 12.46pm
  • Bottom-of-the-Oven: 1.07pm
  • A537: 1.12pm
  • A537 Buxton New Road: 1.16pm
  • Macclesfield: 1.20pm
  • First Avenue: 1.22pm
  • B5470 Hurdsfield Road: 1.23pm
  • Rainow: 1.26pm
  • Bakestondale Road: 1.34pm
  • Pott Shrigly: 1.35pm
  • Shrigley Road: 1.39pm
  • Brookledge Lane: 1.42pm
  • Mill Lane: 1.45pm
  • Prestbury: 1.47pm
  • B5338 Wilmslow Road: 1.48pm
  • Mottram St Andrew: 1.49pm
  • Lees Lane: 1.49pm
  • Wilmslow: 1.51pm
  • A5102 Adlington Road: 1.51pm
  • Dean Row Road: 1.51pm
  • A538 Manchester Road: 1.55pm
  • A538 Alderley Road: 1.57pm
  • Water Lane: 1.57pm
  • A538 Altrincham Road: 1.58pm
  • Wilmslow: 1.58pm
  • Mobberley Road: 2pm
  • Mobberley: 2.02pm
  • Burleyhurst Lane: 2.04pm
  • B5085 Knutsford Road: 2.06pm
  • Great Warford: 2.08pm
  • Chorley: 2.09pm
  • Brook Lane: 2.11pm
  • B5359 Wilmslow Road: 2.13pm
  • B5087 Macclesfield Road: 2.14pm
  • Birtles Lane: 2.18pm
  • A537 Chelford Road: 2.24pm
  • Chelford: 2.32pm
  • Marthall: 2.32pm
  • Knutsford: 2.38pm
  • A537: Chelford Road: 2.39pm
  • A537 Brook Street: 2.41pm
  • A50 Toft Road: 2.41pm
  • A50 King Edward Street: 2.41pm
  • A50 Manchester Road: 2.42pm
  • Mere: 2.45pm
  • A50 Warrington Road: 2.46pm
  • High Legh: 2.52pm
  • Swineyard Lane: 2.54pm
  • Warrington: 2.59pm
  • B5356 Grappenhall Lane: 3.01pm
  • Appleton Thorn: 3.02pm
  • B5356 Stretton Road: 3.02pm
  • Blackcap Road: 3.03pm
  • Dipping Brook Avenue: 3.04pm
  • Longwood Road: 3.05pm
  • A49 London Road: 3.06pm
  • A56 Grappenhall Road: 3.10pm
  • Ackers Road: 3.01pm
  • Station Road: 3.12pm
  • A50 Knutsford Road: 3.15pm
  • A50 Kingsway South: 3.15pm
  • A50 Kingsway North: 3.15pm
  • A57 Manchester Road: 3.16pm
  • Padgate Lane: 3.16pm
  • Marsh House Lane: 3.17pm
  • Longford Street: 3.18pm
  • A49 Winwick Road: 3.18pm
  • A49 Lythgoes Lane: 3.19pm
  • Pinners Brow: 3.19pm
  • Winwick Street: 3.19pm
  • Tanners Lane: 3.19pm
  • A57 Froghall Lane: 3.20pm
  • A5061 Liverpool Road: 3.21pm
  • Sankey Street: 3.22pm

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