Cheshire officers slam reported plans for police league table

Cheshire cops have called reported plans for a police ‘league table’ a ‘dangerous proposition.’

The Times recently reported that the Home Office could reintroduce a police ‘league table’ to measure force’s performance.

This would see forces judged on their ability to reduce different types of crimes, including homicide, serious violence, drug supply, neighbourhood violence and cyber crime.

Police league tables were introduced by the Labour government back in 2007; however, they were later removed following opposition from the Police Federation.

Now, James Thompson, Chair of Cheshire Police Federation, an organisation that represents police officers, has said the move is a ‘dangerous proposition.’

He said: “Policing has always been a service where it is difficult to measure ‘success.’

“Success is also a very fluid concept with demands and expectations of our communities not only changing on a daily basis, but wholly dependent on which part of the county that you reside in.

“The use of league tables to pit forces against each other is a dangerous proposition, as it will return us to a target driven culture which we have worked hard to move away from.

“This type of measuring doesn’t really help anyone, not least the victims of those crime types that aren’t scrutinised in said ‘tables.’

“Success in policing is not all about figures. Some aspects are simply not measurable in a way that the government seem to want.

“We are already the most accountable public service and have regular ‘health’ checks from agencies such as the HMICFRS.”

The proposed move has been met with criticism from a number of police federations, with some claiming that the move could lead to a return to a ‘target-driven culture.’

A Home Office spokesman told the Times: “The public expects the Government to work with the police to cut crime and keep them safe.”

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