Cheshire prepares for England v Italy Euro 2020 final

Briscoe Dairy Farm bring ‘a smile to everyone’s face in the village’ with their England Scarecrow

England Football Cow Scarecrow – Huxley & Hargrave Summer Scarecrow Festival (Image: UGC / Sarah Tanks)

Briscoe Dairy Farm in Huxley are getting ready for the Euro 2020 match tonight with their ‘England Football Cow’.

The ‘England Football Cow’ scarecrow was part of the Huxley and Hargrave Summer Scarecrow Festival in June, and was kept up after the festival finished for the Euro 2020 tournament.

As England progressed through the Euro 2020 tournament, additional props were added including a hat, windmills, pint of milk and a light up England flag.

For the semi-final, a cardboard cut out of England Manager Gareth Southgate was added and ahead of tonight’s final, cardboard cut outs of the entire England team have been added too.

An email to Cheshire Live said that Julie Briscoe had brought a smile to everyone’s face in the village.

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