Cheshire village calls for 30mph speed limit on road where ‘pets have been killed’

‘We need our village to be safe for everyone, young and old’

Residents in a Cheshire village are calling for the speed limit on the main road to be cut to 30mph following a number of near misses and pets being killed. People living in Hough, just south of Crewe, have been campaigning for Cheshire East Council to reduce the limit on Newcastle Road, which is currently 40mph.

Neighbours claim there have been several close calls and believe it’s only a matter of time before someone is ‘seriously injured or even killed’. Residents have even written to the Prime Minister’s office about the issue, with the letter passed on to the Department for Transport.

Cheshire East Council responded saying that speed enforcement was the responsibility of Cheshire Police, adding that the authority ‘takes the safety of its road users seriously’. A review of the borough’s speed management strategy is currently being conducted, with a meeting on the issue due to be held on Thursday (September 22).

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The letter sent to the Prime Minister’s office by the residents reads: “As you are aware the current speed limit for this road is 40mph, which we as the village of Hough are quite angry about. We believe it should be 30mph.

“We have junctions at Buck Lane, Casey Lane and Cobs Lane. These junctions are situated on either blind bends or bends with very poor visibility.

“There are a lot more elderly people and young children living in the village, who all need to cross the main road at some point. Most vehicles using this road are speeding way over the 40mph limit.

“We feel a limit of 30mph and speed bumps through the village of Hough would be highly beneficial to all residents.”

It adds: “We have already had pets killed on this road. Let’s hope it doesn’t take a person to get seriously injured or even killed before any action is taken.”

The Department for Transport responded by saying the Government was ‘very concerned about excessive vehicle speeds’. The letter adds that Cheshire East Council has responsibility for ‘making decisions about the roads under its care’.

Hilary Minshall has lived on Newcastle Road for 27 years. She said she would also like to see the speed limit extended to The Elephant pub at the junction with Main Road.

She said: “The cars come through above the 40mph limit and it makes crossing the road difficult due to the blind bends between Cobs Lane, Back Lane, Pit Lane and Buck Lane. There have been several nearer misses at the junction of Cobs Lane and these happen quite frequently.

“We have been campaigning since April. We have a petition and evidence of speeding cars from our community speed watch results.”

The petition and evidence from the community the speed watch is due to be presented to the council at Thursday’s Highways and Transport Committee meeting.

Ms Minshall added: “We need our village to be safe for everyone, young and old. People need to be able to cross the road safely.”

A Cheshire East Council spokesperson said: “While the council works with strategic partners – including the emergency services – through the road safety partnership, the responsibility for local speed enforcement rests with Cheshire Police.

“The council takes the safety of its road users seriously and is currently reviewing its speed management strategy for the borough. This will be discussed at a meeting of the council’s highways and transport committee on Thursday 22 September.

“Residents are also advised to consult their elected ward member about any concerns regarding speeding traffic.”

The highways meeting is due to take place at Macclesfield Town Hall on Thursday (September 22) at 10.30am. The council’s proposed speed management strategy is available to view here.