Crewe medical centre plans re-emerge as new proposal unveiled

The previous proposal for the town centre had drawn strong objections from the community

Plans to create a medical centre in the middle of Crewe have re-emerged as a new proposal was unveiled. The application, submitted by Cheshire Medical Centre, would see basements constructed in the vacant units at 22a and 20 Market Street as well an additional storey on both.

The applicant hopes to create 70-100 jobs as part of the scheme, which is claimed will help tackle the issue of lengthening waiting times at local NHS services. The centre would include a day surgery unit, poly clinics, a renal dialysis unit, a GP practice, lab facilities and a pharmacy.

The plans first emerged last year, when the applicant proposed to add three storeys to 22A Market Street along with the storey and extensions on number 20. These plans were withdrawn after objections were made over the appearance of the proposed centre.

The statement submitted with the new application says: “Cheshire Medical Centre’s (CMC) goal is to provide medical aid to the people living in the Cheshire East Council as well as other areas surrounding Cheshire. The Covid pandemic created a significant increase on the already long waiting list, these elective surgeries were postponed and can have serious complications and chronic negative side effects on a patient.

“Before the pandemic cataract surgery on the NHS list took between a waiting time of three-six months now it has changed to one-two years, if a patient continues to wait for longer time for a cataract surgery this can lead to severe complications or blindness; similar complications are evident in other surgical operations due to extended waiting times. Nonetheless, such consequences can be avoided, and CMC plans to solve this by offering effective and prompt surgeries within the shortest waiting time possible to ensure that the patient will no longer have to suffer due to slow related surgery.

“Furthermore, CMC’s aim is to create more job opportunities in different sectors within the town of Crewe. CMC’s estimation is to create approximately 70-100 jobs this includes doctors, nurses, receptionists, lab technicians, security, drivers, accountants, porters and domestic work and over time the aim is to generate more positions for potential jobseekers.

“CMC also plans to offer medical training and education for pursing health care students and junior health care students, as well as work experience which will be available for different specialties that will be in the health care centre.

“The majority of private hospitals and day surgery clinics in the UK have contracts with the NHS in order to cut down the pressure on NHS hospitals. Cheshire Medical Centre’s initiative is to strive for better medical centres and better medical quality in an era where independent sectors are able to provide the best healthcare for people that need elective surgery where we can prevent detrimental and dire risks on patients if left prolonged and untreated.”

There have been objections made to the current application. Crewe Town Council saying it would have a ‘negative impact’ on the surrounded heritage setting, including nearby Christ Church and the locally listed 24 Market Street.

The council added in its response: “The effect of the proposal will be the unacceptably visually disruptive and uneven roof line along the development of commercial units, which will be read as distracting at a gateway location to the town centre.” Other objections include over waste management, cycle storage, lack of parking provision and ‘over-development’.

According to the Cheshire East Council website, the plans are due to go before a committee on May 25. The plans for numbers 22A and 20 Market Street have been submitted as two applications found by searching 22/0637N and 22/0635N on the council’s planning portal.


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