Location, Location, Location lands in Cheshire – but viewers slam couple struggling to find dream home with £600k budget

Cheshire was featured on this week’s Location, Location, Location – and one of the house-hunting couples came in for some criticism.

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are back with Season 36 of the hit Channel 4 property show that helps house-hunters find their perfect home.

In yesterday’s episode (October 6), the duo were helping two couples look for homes in the Cheshire area.

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Retirees Tom and Anne, who previously lived in Scotland, were looking for a home between Warrington and Macclesfield so they could be close to their family in Manchester, having already looked at 40 properties.

Meanwhile, Jack and Gemma, a young couple from Wales who live in Chester, were looking for a home between Wrexham and Chester with a maximum budget of £400,000 so that they could enjoy outdoor activities in North Wales.

Anne, who grew up in Cheshire, and Tom had a hefty budget of £600,000 to try and find their dream home, with space being a key factor so that their grandchildren, who live all around the world, could come and stay.

The couple ideally wanted a flexible space, four bedrooms, a big kitchen, a garden surrounded by a good community.

Kirsty showed Anne and Tom an array of properties across the county. The first property was a detached house in Tytherington in Macclesfield, which came complete with plenty of parking, a double garage and a huge garden, all for £580,000.

The second property was in the affluent town of Wilmslow in Cheshire, where house prices are nearly 70 per cent higher than in Tytherington.

The property had a guide price of £575,000, £25,000 under their maximum budget.

However, the couple felt that to ‘do the property up’ would be too costly, with the Tytherington house being ready to move into.

The third property Tom and Anne visited was in Stockton Heath in Warrington.

The couple were pleased with the location of the former two-up house, which had been converted into a sprawling four bedroom home.

Despite ticking a number of boxes, the property, which was on the market for £569,000, Tom and Anne thought the first property they viewed was ‘streets ahead’.

Tom and Anne had an offer of £615,000 on the first property in Tytherington accepted.

But viewers were critical of the couple’s pickiness and extensive wish list.

Onewrote on social media: “600k budget. How hard can it be to find a ****ing house with that kind of coin? You don’t need Phil and Kirsty. You need a kick up the hoop.”

Another said: “Ah, the poor souls struggling to find a place for 2 people for £600k. Up North.”

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Meanwhile, Jack and Gemma went to visit a detached property in Acton, just north of Wrexham, taking offers over £395,000, £5,000 less than their maximum budget.

However, the location wasn’t ideal for the couple, who were looking for something more rural.

The second property the couple visited was a character cottage for £385,000 in Gresford, a small village in Wales.

Gemma liked the property, finding it quirky and with a lot of character. However, Jack wasn’t pleased with the price of the property, which needed updating.

The third property was a bungalow located in the village of Rossett in North Wales, which was on the market for £330,000.

However, it did not have a garage for the couple’s outdoor kit and was situated next to a busy road.

The final property the couple visited was in Higher Kinnerton, a small village in Flintshire, which was taking offers over £325,000.

Jack and Gemma said the property ticked all the boxes, with the couple putting in an initial offer of £330,000 which was accepted.

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