Market trader takes ‘leap of faith’ to open bakery with 55 flavours of cheesecake in Crewe

“Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith” says Jenni Grist as she prepares to open her new bakery in Crewe

Jenni Grist, centre, is excited to open her new cheesecake bakery in Crewe

An eco-friendly Cheshire bakery with over 55 flavours of cheesecake is taking a ‘leap of faith’ during the UK’s cost of living crisis by opening a new branch in Crewe.

Adam and Jenni Grist have been a regular vendor at Sandbach Market. But despite many businesses closing around the county in recent months due to financial pressures, they say they have decided to ‘just wing it’ and open their new bakery, Rainbow Cheesecakes and Sweet Treats, on Bramhall Road.

Opening at a time where bills and prices are increasing daily, the pair decided to complete the process of refurbishing their new shop by themselves.

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Adam told Cheshire Live: “I can do 90 per cent of what we need like the woodwork for the countertop. I’m doing it for my partner to save money.

“A lot of it was waiting on answers, waiting on questions and then all of a sudden it was a case of if you get this all done this week, you can have it next week. It went from not moving for months to ‘oh my god, it’s all here’.”

Jenni, 29, admits feeling the pressures of the cost of living crisis, like many businesses across the UK. But she says she decided not to ‘overanalyse’ and instead take a huge leap of faith.

“We are noticing people tightening their purse strings and my cost for my ingredients every day has doubled because we get our ingredients fresh.

“Admittedly at first I was thinking ‘the cost of living crisis has just kicked in – is it going to work?’ But we’ve seen massive response on social media.

“I spent a lot of my life with anxiety and overanalysing everything and it doesn’t get you anywhere. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and just wing it and just see what works out for the best.

“One of the ladies who works with me says every day that I wing it. I wing everything.”

The pair said they were also tempted by the location that became available. Having lived on Bramhall Road for six years, they jumped at the opportunity to run the business on the road the couple remember so fondly.

Adam explained: “We ended up making a joke when it came up that basically wouldn’t it be good to work on the same street we lived. Everywhere else was just so expensive so when this shop came up, it actually made a lot of sense.”

The shop is set to open this Saturday, November 12, and all their signature cheesecakes, brownies and loaves on display.

  • 05:25, 11 NOV 2022
  • UPDATED12:42, 11 NOV 2022