Meet the town crier keeping an age-old tradition alive in one Cheshire town

Devlin Hobson speaks to CheshireLive about life as a town crier in 2022

An age-old British tradition is being kept alive in Cheshire by a man bringing a modern twist to the job. Devlin Hobson, from Nantwich, was previously voted Britain’s best town crier, and he loves the role so much he’s offering his services free of charge.

“I can actually read the news,” he said. “I’m appointed by the town council and we can read whatever the council requests of us.

“If there’s any shops that need a special request, I can do that. If somebody has just got married, I can give them a proclamation as they come out of the church and introduce the newlyweds to the public.”

Devlin was appointed by Nantwich Town Council in January this year after several years as the town crier for Middlewich.

While it’s certainly a dying art, there are still around 230 town criers across the country, and he explains to be considered a professional town crier, there remains strict rules and traditions that must be followed.

“To be a proper professional town crier, you have to be appointed by a council and then belong to two guilds in this country,” Devlin explains.

“I was asked by a fellow town crier some time ago and they said ‘you sound and look as mad as the rest of us, how do you fancy being a town crier?’ And I thought about it and gave it a go and I thoroughly enjoy it, it’s great. Being the town crier of Nantwich, is a great honour to be an ambassador for this wonderful, wonderful town of Nantwich.”


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