New sweet shop with slush bar and milkshakes to open in Crewe town centre

Truly Scrumtious, minus the ‘P’, has already proven to be a hit in Nantwich

An oddly-named sweet shop with a difference is moving to the centre of Crewe.

Truly Scrumtious, minus the ‘P’, which also delivers and trades at festivals and carnivals, is promising something a little out of the ordinary.

As well as the vast variety of sweets they are known for, the new shop will have milkshakes and a slush bar where customers can choose one of 12 varieties of slush. Although an official opening date has not yet been set, the store hopes to launch very soon.

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Adel Berry, who is the director of Truly Scrumtious, told CheshireLive: “We are going to open in the town centre, next to the fish and chip shop on Victoria Street. Previously the sweet shop had been based on Hightown but the move to the centre should bring more business and help brighten up Victoria Street.

Adel added: “We’re trying to bring something nice into Crewe and on Victoria Street and that’s the last remaining shop. There will be quite a few different things that we’re doing so we’re going to be doing milkshakes and a slush bar so we are extending the genre of the business. We are having a slush bar where you can choose one of 12 varieties of slush.

Adel continued: “We are closed at the moment just to move into the premises; because we are also moving into a shop in Nantwich at the same time. It was just bad timing. We should have already had the keys to Crewe but that got delayed so that’s why we’ve been closed for longer than we thought.

“It’s quite a lovely little shop. There’s Crafterama on Victoria Street, a couple of cafes, and a hairdresser, so this is getting to be quite a nice little shop and we just filled the gap in that area.

“Previously things have been centred around the Market Arcade, but there’s other businesses in Crewe that need the same support that the Market Arcade gets.”

Cheshire Live had to ask the inevitable question, why is Truly Scrumtious spelt without a letter ‘P’? Adel explained: “Well there are other businesses called ‘Truly Scrumptious.’ and we wanted to be a bit different and the ‘P’ is silent anyway, so there you go.”


Roland Gent